How to Make Almond Cookies?

 Almonds cookies as a delicious foods for by many people, such as children, adult and older.  Have you try to make almonds cookies by yourself?  If you don't know how to make them, attention here.  Before making cookies, some materials should be prepared, sugar, salt, almonds powder, butter, milk, low-gluten flour.
 Making process:
1. After butter softened, add the salt, sugar, sugar, beat with an electric mixer to the fusion. ( The almonds powder would buy from the market which made by the almonds powder making machine, this powder will teaste more better). 

2. Adding milk after 3 times, each time, after milk and butter fully integrated, and then add the milk once again.
3. Add low-gluten flour and almond powder to these materials.
4. Mixing them with no dry powder, then add them into mounted flower bag though two times. 
5. Extruded round cookie biscuits, leaving a little space between each almonds cookies.
6. Using 180 degrees up and down the fire preheat oven.
7. When hearing the oven issued a "tick" sound that means the oven has been preheated good, this time into the middle baking cookies.
8. The baking is used of  three square pan, pad silicone pad, baking temperature of 180 degrees, up and down the fire, the middle, baking time of 16 to 18 minutes. If you use the built-in pan, mat oil cloth or oil-absorbing paper, baking temperature would better use the 170 degrees up and down the fire, the time is 12 to 15 minutes, the last few minutes to observe the color of biscuits!

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