Feature of the Almonds Powder Packaging Machine

This almonds powder packing machine is wildly used in packing konjac flour, pueraria powder, almond powder, barley flour, Chinese medicine powder, health powder, nuts powder, powder, sweet potato powder, sweet potato powder, cereal, protein powder, tea powder, etc.
Firstly, equipment profile:
The almonds powder packing machine is an automatic powder packing machine, which is suitable for packing those powdery granular materials with easy to flow or flow feature, such as milk powder, insecticide, milk powder, feed, sugar, coffee, MSG, solid beverage , Glucose, rice flour, solid medicine, pesticides, powder granular additives, dyes and so on.
Secondly, equipment characteristics:
1, simple and intuitive, working conditions can be free changed, packing weight can be changed at any time, the operation is very convenient;
2, variety of products operating parameters can be stored and spare (up to 10 storage);
3, almonds powder packing machine for the infrared photoelectric. Just press the button to change the packaging weight (accessories range), and does not limit the packaging container. Very suitable for some works which package the weight specifications and material varieties often change;
4, almonds powder packing machine will change the packing weight due to some malfunction;
5, replacement  the small spiral annex of almonds powder packing machine , can adapt to the ultra-fine powder to large particles and other materials. For those deifferent size  materials, this machine can attach to the vacuum device, to siphoning off dust, play a role in purifying the environment;
6, this almonds powder packing machine with long usage life, high speed, high precision, large torque and good stability.

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