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Which Kind Of Machine Can Cut Peanuts Into Particle?

Do you know which kind of machine can cut peanuts into particle?we have peanut chopping cutting machine,this machine is mainly used for cutting nuts into particle,also used for cutting almonds,pistachio,macadamia nut,cashew nut and other nuts.
peanut chopping cutting machine
The machine is mainly adapted to vegetables, peanuts, nuts chopped, from the vibration of the material, chopped, graded three parts, of which the vibration of the material can make peanuts evenly spread on the digging bucket, is conducive to hob uniform Chopped, graded part of the use of spiral drum, with different specifications of the screen, so as to achieve the required specifications.
Peanut Chopping Machine Features:
1. The peanut kernel chopping machine has high output for the high capacity and fast chopping.
2. It features high automatic level, so it is labor and time saving.
3. The almond kernel chopping machine is working with no noise, pollution and oil leak.
4. The chop size can be adjustable as required, and the chopped granule is in good shape with no damage.
5. This machine is suitable for other nuts as well, which needs switching cutters and the cutter can be specially made as buyers’ requirements.

If you need a nut chopping cutting machine like this,welcome to contact me with freely,or you can leave a message on our website,we will send the machine detail and quotation to you.