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Visiting Our Company

1. We are in Zhengzhou City of Henan Province. You can fly to Xinzheng International Airport.
then we can pick you up from Airport.

2. Business Etiquette Reception
We can pick up you from Airport and we offer business etiquette reception. There is luxurious
commercial vehicles at your service all the way, to solve the problem of travel after you coming to
Zhengzhou; Elegant and chic cafes, which allows you to negotiate with us more comfortable

3. Site Operation Simulation Shows
To have a further understanding, the company business staff will take you to visit our factory to make on-site operation. You can operate and experience our excellent mechanical processing equipment personally. The factory's technical person will answer your questions with the patience.

4.Analysis of Customers’ Requirements
Interacting with customers, analysis of needs for some clients, we are actively interacting with customer as well as stepping into the processing plant, helping customers analyze the processing
of raw materials, offering free samples and analysis report, processing feasibility study combined with the factory and regional environment.


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