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Features of the Walnut Shelling and Grading Machine

This walnut shelling machine designed with two different application. Firstly, this machine can break the nuts shell with high quality. Nuts kernel usuallu be used in many different foods fields, such the cookies, biscuits, cakes, snacks and so on. This machine can process the nuts with very low crushing rate of nuts themselves. Secondly, this shelling machine also designed with the grading function. Three different nuts grading level can divied nuts kernels into three different level nuts for different usage. Due some nuts processing factory need different size of nuts, so this machine is very usually in the foods processing factory. 
Though adjusting the distance of the pressure rollers to meet different nuts processing, the working principle is very simple. With the driving the chains, nuts can be turned into different level. The whole design is very compact , low crashing rate, so it is the best equipment for processing the different nuts in the foods process factory. Also this type machine has different models can be choosed in our manufacturer, if you have any other requirement, plesae contact us. 

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