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How to Use the Machine to Shell the Pumpkin

Pumpkin seeds with application of medicine be famous in europe and the world, that has a long history.
However, if eating the raw pumpkin seeds directly, the effect is not big, but as the health food, pumpkin seeds are almost all "oil-soluble" - pumpkin seed oil, improper preservation is easy to produce oxidation and decay, and the active ingredient is not clear. Therefore, select the pumpkin seed products you need to pay attention to: the source of choice, the process is appropriate. High-concentrated extract of water-soluble pumpkin seeds is expected to be the future of male and female urinary tract market mainstream. Most of the pumpkin seeds are shelled already. Because pumpkin seeds after shelling will taste better without lost nutrition.

So which machine is more suitable for shelling the pumpkin seeds shell?  There is a special machine is professional to shell the pumpkin wiht high speed and large capacity.  This pumpkin shelling machine is usually used in the foods nuts processing factory with low breaing rate, less impurity,  easy operate, high capacity and so on.  This shelling can not only use in the small pumpkin seeds processing factory, but aslo the large the pumpkin seeds processing factory, also the special size can be customized, very convenient.  The specal design of this machine is this machien can be used for shelling the peanuts, the effect also is perfect.  If you want to open a peanuts or pumpkin seeds processing factory, this machine can also be used in the whole line with other machines you want to deploy.


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