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Best Way to Make Croquette More Delicious

Japanese people love the food "Croquette", although it is similar popular as theoctopus, but there are a big difference with octopus. Croquette begin from Japan, but western exotic.
Croquette is said to be from France to Japan, popular in Japan. The name is taken from the croquette in French and the day is koroke. Croquette original practice is made in butter and flour into the sauce and mixing with meat (with mashed potatoes can also is ok), after cooling shap them into a cylindrical shape, and then cast wheat flour, egg and bread flour, and oil Fried.
Materials of Making Croquette
1. Corn grain 40 grams
2. Ground meat 100 grams
3. Potato powder 2 tbsp
4. Onion 2 tbsp at the end
5. Eggs 1, beaten
6. Flour 15 grams
7. 80 grams of bread crumbs
8. seasoning:1 tsp salt,1/4 tsp pepper, 1 tablespoon sesame oil, 1 tablespoon sugar,1 tablespoon corn starch
Making Process: 
1. Potatoes two, steamed or cooked, pressure them into mashed potatoes.
2. Add a little salt into mashed potatoes with black pepper, stir well, and then add a tablespoon of light cream, then mixing them well.
3. And then prepare the speculation, corn, onion, minced meat, a little oil, first fried minced meat, fried oil.  Frist frying meat untill  soft, then put corn, add a little salt, black pepper, a little bit Water, stir well.
4. And then mix into the mashed potatoes, stirring them evenly.
5. Then prepare some flour, an egg beat uniform, bread crumbs.
6. Picked up the amount of mashed potatoes, shaping them intot ball or cake, then wrapped in a layer of flour, beat off the excess powder, and then wrapped in a layer of eggs and then wrapped bread crumbs, and shake off the excess bread bran.
7. Heat the oil before frying, you would better use the professional Croquette  frying machine, you can control the temperatures very well. Because all the materials has been cooked, do not need to fry for a long time, the surface color become yellow is ok. 

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