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Small Equipment of Peeling Cashew

Peeling cashew equipment is very common in the machine market, but usually there are both big model, it is hardly to buy the small model machine. So this small model machine is very rare.  The machine's size is only the 650*950*1750mm, so it can not  take up large place. What's more, this machine only need the 1.5 to 11 kw power is ok.  You can put it in your small shopp, factory. If one machine can not meet your demand.  Of course, the air pressure is only 8 kg each cm2,  small with higher effect. It can peel the cashew 100 to 150 kg per hour, it's enough to a small cashew processing factory. 

Recently, this machine has been sold to many countries. In the machine, the nuts can be peeled automatically without any injury and the kernels can be kept smooth and whole. The products confirms to national environmental sanitation standard, and is in conformity with any export conditions.

This machine is suitable for small cashew processing plants, restaurants, supermarkets, farms tec. 

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