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Fried Peanuts Strips Cutting Machine Dimensions

For some people who are the first time to buy fried peanuts strips cutting machine, some dates and details of this machine should be known before.  Actually, before cutting, it should be noted that all the nuts materials should be roasted and peeled. Because the raw materilas contacin too much oil, which may influence the cutting effect if not roasted. The dimension of common fried peanuts strisp cutting machine in the market is about 220 kg, small volume and easy to move. There are two main reason decid the dimension, capacity and machine materials. The capapcity of this type machine is usually about 100 kg per hour. That means it can cut 100 kg roasted peanuts into strips, this capacity can meet the general business usage. But for more large capacity, manufacturer need to customize special model for customer, large capacity may cost much materials than general machine. Another is the materials. Different materials may influence the machine weight, such as the 304 stainless steel, 307 stainless steel, 301 stainless steel, carbon steel and so on.  The weight of the machine should depend on parctical condition. Commonly speaking, it will not more than 450 kg, because too weight will not work very well. 


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