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Does Peanut Powder Cause The Loss of Nutrients In Peanuts?

Peanut is rich in linoleic acid and other essential unsaturated fatty acids, especially beneficial to the body's absorption and digestion, linoleic acid can not be synthesized in the human body, but to regulate the body's physiological function, promote growth and development, degradation of cholesterol, prevention Hypertension and atherosclerosis have an important effect. Peanut protein amino acids more complete, its content is higher than animal protein, and does not contain cholesterol, is a high-quality plant protein. Peanuts from the whole to ground into powder, but the morphological changes, is a physical change, and will not affect its nature and the original nutrition. Peanut skin for anemia, thrombocytopenia, the role of adjuvant therapy. Therefore, the people have the idea of ​​a flower of peanuts.
peanut powder grinding machine
From the perspective of digestion and absorption, grinding, liquid food than complete solid food, easy digestion and absorption, shorten the digestion process because of the stomach. From the taste that is of course a complete solid, more delicious, with the characteristics of the original food. The final conclusion is: Eat two kinds of different characteristics, each have advantages and disadvantages, but will not cause the loss of nutrients.

If you want to grind peanuts into peanut powder,we have peanut powder grinding machine,the machine is mainly used for grinding peanuts,almonds,sesame seeds,rice and so on.

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