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Automatic Peach Washing Machine for Large Capacity

       This automatic peach washing machine is very suitable for the fruit food procesing factory with large capacity. Many businessmen will worry about whether this machine demage the fruits, just change the washing brush , the hard brush and the soft brush can be change.  before washing fruits, you should pay more attention to the types of the fruits, if the fruits are soft, the hard brush will demage the fruits' surface, so would better change the brush into the soft brush.  The soft brush made of the nylon, can protect the fruit during the washing time. The peach growing with the pesticide residues, if don't ashing them will harmful for people's health. So some high level fruits will be washed before sell to other country or places.  The traditional washing way by hands with low effectiveness, so this machine break the old washing way, and improve the washing capacity of the whole washing line.  Automatic working system will save time and the money. The hard brush suitable for some materials which need directly to peeling.  Just accordng your production process. 

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