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Oat Peeling Process with High Quality

Usually, the oat should be peeled by the professional machine. The oat skin is very thin, so the traditional peeling method is not very suitable for improving the efficiency of oat, the professional oat peeling machine is necessary. 

Oatmeal (oatmeal): is one food made by the oat and its diameter shape like the soybean. The oat can be ground into different thickness oatmeal. It is one most popular food breakfast in many countries. Brfore making the oatmeals, all the oats materials should be peeled by 
the professional oat skin peeling machine. And then cooked, shreded and dried. It usually eat with the milk and juice. If peolpe want to make raw oatmeal,there is not need the cooking step, just the washing, shreded and dried process step is ok.  

These whole making steps are need the oat peeling machine, the machine can achieve the 150 kg per hour to 200 kg per hour capacity. The biggest advantage of this machine is very light, very easy to move anywhere. 
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