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Features of the Mung Bean Peeling Machine

Mung bean is a health food, with heating body and detoxification effect.  But the mung bean's skinbelong to the heat, some weak and physically weak people should not eat too much of them, that's why the mung beans should be peeled. The peeling way have some methods, such blisters them by water, then rub them, but it is not very good for the mung beans' to taste, you should cooling them again. So it is a more good way to peel them in the dry condition. This mung bean peeling machine is a very professional machine to peel the mung beans in the mung bean processing store, market, factory and so on. The peeling process need the beans in the dry condition. After peeling skin of the mung beans, you can mill them into powder, or make cake, soup and so on. 

Features of this mung beans peeling machine:
This machine can keep the integrity of mung beans after peeling the skins. It can also can be set with other machines in the mung beans processing factory according your factory condition. The mung bean peeling machine is the use of rolling friction and stripping method to peel the skin of the mung beans, more stable performance, with after sale service life, stripping effect, high production efficiency,  high degree of automation, high rate of broken valves,  no pollution and so on. The mung peeling machine is equipped with dust collection device system, vibrating screen, vacuum cleaner can be sucked out green bean skin, vibrating screen can effectively remove the mung bean germ.
We can also offer the special modles machine for you if you are requirement. If you are interested in these machine, please let us know, we can give you large cash back. 


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