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Small Electric Grain Dryer Manufacturer in Thailand

Electric grain dryer machine is very popular in Thailand, because Thailand is a Countries with rich cereals.  Some small cereals are need to this grain dryer machine to help them drying their grain for business.  This small electric grin dryer machine is an ideal machine to dry different grains.  Of course, there are still some different among different grain need different moulds machine. But if you have no mind about which machine you should use, just read the following words. 

Different types of grains, rice, should be taken different way of drying. Different types of food, rice, should be taken different from the conventional way of drying. You can according to their need to choose dry setting. Also you can  clean the machine while the machine is working. Because timely cleaning the residue cereals, shut import and export can extend life and improve the mechanical drying efficiency. Next, the charged amount of grain should not too much, nor too little. Loading grains  too easy to cause clogging; loading is too less can not only reduce the operating efficiency, but also affect drying quality. When the full amount of grain bins, you should not add the other rice, only can put the grains after the start of drying for one hour if the feed within 1 hour without causing uneven drying grain dryer. When you drying high moisture grains, you should cycle them immediately. Otherwise it will affect grain germination rate, grain will peeling easily, and also the drying time becomes longer, which will waste fuel and grain after drying. Meanwhile, during the drying time, grain impurity rate should not be too large. SOmtimes, the  wet valley may mixed with a lot of the wheat straw, wheat straw and other debris, which may affect the grain flow, a portion of the grain can not get good circulation, causing uneven drying, and even fermentation; and reduce efficiency. Accordingly, before you drying grains, you should make a roughing them. 

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