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Methods of Avoiding Oil Splash Out of Fryer Machine

Fried food is one common food type in daily life, for making fried food there is one thing may influence people's mood when frying food, that is the oil will splash out of machine and heart our skin. Thus, some necessary methods may helpful when frying food.
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1. After put oil into snack fryer,  and mixing then untill melt. Then heating the oil with high temperature, putting food into machine and fliping them timely.  Do not put more salt into the oil because more salt may not melt very well and influence the tatse of fried food.
2. Using high quality snack fryer during frying food. Actually, professional frying machine may desgined with the function of avoiding the oil splash out.   
3. Drying food before frying. There may contain some water in food, the water may lead the oil splash out of the frying machine once they put into the water.  It is very dangerous and easy to heart your skin when frying some foods.
4. Coating some flour or egg outsider of the food. It is one of the best methods to keep the original taste frying food. Coating one layer of food for frying also can make fried food look more beautiful. 

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