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How to Clean Dross From Ginger Washing Machine

As we all know, ginger are growing under ground,  every year, large capacity fresh giniger will be dug out for selling to market.  There is no doubt that the soil on the ginger surface need to be cleaned. Traditional washing type can not meet the large demand of the ginger, so the equipment for washing machine become more and more popular for ginger processing businessmen. Commonly used euqipment is the ginger skin washing and peeling machine, washing and peeling can be achieved in one time. Of course, customers also can choose one function though choose the brush types( usually offer the hard brush and soft brush).  This washing machine designed with large capacity, high effenciency, contionus working has been accepted by many foods processing manufacturers.  

During the washing, there is one big problem need to solve, thats is to clean the dross from the ginger washing machine. When fresh ginger put into washing pot, the brushed will keep turning. The soil and other dirt will washing out though the rubbing with brush, all dross will down to the waste collecting area, which is enough for workers to clean up.  Taking the filter with dross, and cleaning it with water. Then insatll it under the washing pot again. One thing should pay attention to is that once people find the dirt can not fall down to the filter, it means the dross collecting filter need to be clean. Washing the filter after each useing, it is good for prolong the usage life of the ginger washing machine. 
The equipment can also used for washing other materials, such as the sweet potatoes, potatoes, fruits, vegetables, etc. It is the pro-processing equipment for the foods processing line in foods manufacturers. 


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