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Cassava Starch Packaging Equipment in Africa

According to the latest data, the current global cassava production about 250 million tons per year,  more than 100 billion US dollars.  The world's general cassava  from Africa, and Nigeria, with an annual output of about 45 million tons, worth about 18 billion US dollars, accounting for about one-third of Africa's whole production.
In 2013, the export of cassava reached 3.2 million tons  in Nigeria. Nigerian cassava dry exports are expected to reach at least $ 1.3 billion in 2014. These tapioca are processed into tapioca flour and are exported to the rest of the world. In recent years, with the growing demand for cassava, the  cassava has been used in many places, such as the foods,  tapioca flour,  pharmaceuticals, and even the United States and South Africa to use cassava leaves to feed livestock are also in demand. However, the  cassava products usually popular in the in Europe, the United States, Britain and Japan.    
With the developing of the cassava starch market, the cassava starch packaging also become a prosperous industry, there are need more cassava starch packaging machine to meet the maeket development. Actually, in the society, many cassava starch packaging machine are single in the function. But there are one type cassava starch packaging machiine is multifunction, that is the Semi-automatic Quantitative Powder Packing Machine, it can package in quantitative weight,  this machine can ont only packaging powder, but also the small granules. So that is  an ideal machine to packaging cassava starch. The capacity of this machine can be changed though changing the 
feed screw. The whole operating process is very easy, save energy and easy clean after using. If you want to know more about the cassava starch packaging machine, please contact us freely. 


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