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Precautions for Uusing A Broad Bean Peeling Machine

Broad bean peeling machine before the use of debugging is very important, good debugging and then save time and effort, here is a brief introduction:
1, Look to turn. Wet beans peeling machine power supply, look at the steering is correct, will be avoided for a long time to reverse the damage to the machine.
2, The next roller can not tamper with.
3, Both ends of the roller at the same time evenly zoom, not only zoom side.
4, The screws must be tightened. After the machine is debugged, the screws should be tightened,avoid running loose screws.
broad bean peeling machine
The machine also used for peeling peanuts,almonds,chickpea and so on. The above is the broad bean peeling machine debugging should pay attention to several matters, choose high quality service, please select us, will be your right choice. We will continue to provide you with quality and warm service, look forward to working with your friendly cooperation!

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