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Kerepek Pisang Seasoned by Which Machine

Kerepek Pisang also named the banana chips, it is a popular snacks in many places.  Banana chips with low fat, low calories, so eat more banana chips  is not easy to gain weight, and they taste very well, sweet crisp,  every age people like to eat them in home or any where. In some small Kerepek Pisang processing factory, people usually season these banana chips by hands, it's a hard work.  Hardly worker like to do this job, and waste time, people power and money.  Is there any machine can replace people? Totally yes. Kerepek Pisang usually seasoned by banana chips flavoring machine, this machien is mulyi-purpose in different fields. It can flavor the all kinds of puffed food, fried foods, potato chips, potato chips, beans, nuts, crispy.  During working,  the speed of the machine can clockwise or counterclockwise, very convinent.  This seasoning machine designed with the  heating system, the spices and raw materials can be mixed very well.  And also the temperature can be adjusted.  Oil nozzle can be adjusted the oil content, spray evenly. 

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