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Amande Sheller Machine for Selling in Gelgoog Company

Badam is similar with the almonds from the taste and appearance, it also named the amande, it produced from all over the world as one popular nut. Some people thinks that the badam is the almonds, but they are two different nuts. Badam is the kernel of flat peach, but almonds is the kernel of apricot. The nutrient content of amande is  six times higher than the same weight of beef.  So many people like to eat the amande as the fitness supplements. 

There are manily two types amande can be bought from the market, roasted amande with shells and without shells. Usually, the roasted amande with shells will be sold directly, people can keep them for a long time. The amande without shells usually used in second process in foods factory, store and even family. It is a popular trend of putting the amande or almonds into the nuts candy, different cakes, desser, biscuits and other foods. The amande shelling process also need the professaionl machine assisting because their shells are hard, people can hard to shell them by hands.

For amande businessmen will choose one professional amande sheller machine for his factory to imporve their production effenciency. We company designed one new technology machine for shelling amandes with three different grades, that means when the amandes shelling the shells, they will devided into three grades accrding their size. Different size of amande can be used into different field with different price.  All the amandes will be shelled with small break, reduce the nuts lost rate. Thus, it can achieve the shelling and grading in one time, very suiatble for the amande, almonds and peanuts shelling work. 


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