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Application of the Almonds Butter Grinding Machine

Application of the Almonds Butter Grinding Machine:
This almonds butter grinding machine is suitable for the wet crushing, emulsifying, homogenizing and mixing of various semi-fluid and emulsion materials in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries.
So as to obtain a satisfactory fine products though grinding goods, this machine designed with main technical indicators with advanced level of similar foreign products. 
The machine is through different geometric shapes, the rotor in high-speed rotation of the relative movement, though cutting, grinding high-frequency vibration and get broken. The crushing chamber without three grinding areas,
first is coarse grinding area, second is fine grinding area, third is superfine grinding area, though adjusting the gap between the rotor, the school can have a one-time to achieve the desired ultra-broken effect (can also cycle processing).
The machine with the characteristics of compact structure, more balance, less noise, corrosion resistance, easy to clean, easy maintenance and so on. It is the ideal equipment for wet crushing nuts.
Peanut butter, chili sauce, fruit juice, soybeans, bean paste, red bean paste, peanut milk, protein milk, almond, aloe vera, pollen broken, pineapple, sesame, fruit tea, ice cream, food stuffing,
Soy milk, dairy products, wheat milk essence, flavor, all kinds of drinks, emulsified chicken bone mud, pig skin and other animal skin, animal organs.

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