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Machine for Chopping Almonds

          Chopped almonds has wildly used in many fields, such as the cake, dessert, almonds butter, biscuits and so on.  Commonly, in some small restaurants, people usualy cutting the almonds by hands, this process with little danger and need a lot of physical strength during cutting the almonds.  So in order to reduce people's manpower,  there is one special machine for cutting the almonds, which can imporve the effenciency greatly. That is the almonds chopping machine for commercial.  

        The size of the chopped almonds can be adjusted, even any size of the material can be cut by this machine. What's more, this machine also can cut other materials, such as the peanuts, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, chestnuts, etc.  This almonds cutting machine designed with the four different mesh screens, during the machine cutting the almonds, the different of the almonds will be graded into four different grades. Actually, the mesh size of screen can be customized according your really need. Four different size chopped almonds can get from one time. The big size materials can be put into the machine chopped again. 

        One question people may more attention to is the machine's capacity, because different people will need different capacity in their needed. This machine has big
flexibility of the capacity, from the 200 kg per hour to 50 kg per hour.  You can consider which range is suitable for your business. 


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