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Almond Kernel Peeling Machine Test Video GELGOOG

The wet almonds poured into the hopper, the vibrations make the raw materials into by three power roller fixed rotation wheel, a feeding wheel, by inducing effect, by the knife the knife blade on the raw skin incision, and then discharge round after peeling, rice, beans, pressed into a kernel in a hopper, and hopper discharge, through the skin peeled off wheel.
Almond Kernel Peeling Machine
Almond wet peeling machine is peanuts, almonds, beans, soybeans and other deep-processing products necessary equipment production. Mainly used for almond milk, almond protein powder, almond dew, with almonds cakes, peanuts, sugar, eight treasures porridge, peanut protein powder before peeling. At the same time, it can also be used as the front and back peeling treatment for large almond oil mill. 

This is our company about almond kernel skin peeling machine test video. Pour wet almonds into feeder and they will flow to the inner cabin. Almonds rub against the soft rubber rollers. The mixture of peeled almonds and peels are separated by separators. Peeled almond kernels and peels will flow out of almond peeler in different outlet. The final almond are perfect and intact. If you need a peeling machine to deal with almonds,don't hesitate to contact with me, i would like to send you the machine photos, specifications in details and the best prices to you.
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