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Use And categories of Sugar Cooking Port

Sugar Cooking Pot
Sugar cooking pot also named boilng pot, is usually composed of pot body and steel stand. Its name comes from its structure of pot body which applies double-deck structure of inner and outer spherical pots. Sandwich pot widely used in peanut brittle production has many advantages:

Features of Sugar Cooking Machine
1. Large heating area, uniform heating, high thermal efficiency.
2. Short liquid boiling time, heating temperature easy to control.
3. Easy installation and  operation.
4. Safe and reliable perfomance.

Sandwich pot can be divided into different categories. There are stationary type, tilting type and stirring type for different structure; and electric heating pot, steam heating sandwich pot, electromagnetic heating sandwich pot, gas heating sandwich pot from the aspects of heating method; sandwich pot with stirring equipment and that without stirring equipment according to different production process; and sandwich pot without cover, sandwich pot with flat cover, and sandwich pot of vacuum model for different sealing method. You can choose suitable type for your business, and customize acceptable.
Not only in peanut brittle production, sandwich pot is also widely applied in kinds of food processing, such as the production of peanut brittle, sesame candy, rice brittle and so on. It can also be used in large restaurant or dining room to boil soup, cook, stew, boil congee, etc. 

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