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How to Improve Peanut Shelling Efficiency

Peanut shelling machineIt is often seen that people shell the peanut by hand, which really costs much time and labor. With the enlargement of business, removing shell of peanuts by hand is not practical, here introduce you one peanut shelling machine to help you improce production efficieny, and saving cost. From here, you can learn more information about how to use this machine better.

1. The preparation of peanuts before shelling
The peanuts material cannot be too dry or too wet. If peanuts are too dry, they are easy to be broken, too wet, the shelling speed will be slow down. Generally, the appropriate moisture of peanuts should be around 9%.
For peanuts too dry, we can take such measures as below:
Before shelling, use warm water about 5 kg to spring evenly on peanuts around 100 kg, and cover them with plastic mulch for around 10 hours in winter (6 hours in other seasons), then dry them in the sun for 1 hour or so.

2.The preparation of the shelling machine
Before shelling, ensure the machine put on the plat ground.
Make all fasteners elastic moderate.
Check if rotating parts work flexible.
Ensure there are enough lubricating oil between bearings.

3.Choose suitable sieve
According to the size of peanuts, choose appropriate sieve to impove the production effect, reducing the damage rate.

4.Working place
The area far from the transformer will be of low-voltage, so working place should be near the transformer.

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