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Why Peanut Roasting Temperature Control Is So Importan

Peanut is a kind of nuts which has high oil content. It is a popular oilseed for the better taste and nutrition matters. For the family cooking, peanut roasting is for the purpose of making snack food. The fried or roasted peanut is a perfect dish with wine, especially in this extremely cold winter. It is not strange to see roasted peanuts in bar in eastern and western movies. While in the oil mill plants, the peanut roasting is an essential step in the oil production, the methods of different oil mill plants is different. From the pressing method to the extraction method, many of the oil factories use them together.

The roasting step has a major effect in the peanut oil flavor, the better flavor requires a higher roasting degree, but higher roasting temperature and long time roasting would make the peanut scorched or even cause self-ignition. Generally the roasting temperature shall be controlled between 160℃-200℃, while the roasting time shall be between 20 min-30min, and to prevent the peanut from scorch and self-ignition, the peanut temperature has to be lowered immediately after roasting.

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