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Pork Rind Frying Machine Working Principle

        The working principle of the pork rind frying machine is very easy and safe. This machine can also the continuous working function during frying pork rind.  This step machine has two different heating way. One is the gas heating way, another heating way is electric heating way. The big feature of this machine is that, this machine can control its temperature automaticlly. So during makign pork rind products, you never worry about the machine higher temperature will break the final products taste. The control process ice very easy for people. The usage of water-oil mixing technology can  make food residue excess under the water, heavy metals quickly from the high temperature zone sinking and going into the low temperature zone. With the water drained, when the frying oil is too dry, the water layer can provide fried Oil layer appropriate water, so that fried foods will not be broken, carbonization. So this technology can effectively control the carcinogenic substances produced to ensure that the health of consumers.
       The machine adopts imported high-quality stainless steel material, exquisite workmanship, durable. Using intelligent digital display thermostat, convenient and practical. The use of water and oil mixing technology, automatic filter residue which can extend the oil drain cycle, and greatly reducing the cost of oil. The use of automatic temperature control equipment with no overheating, no residue, it can avoid rising acid prices and greatly reducing the work fumes. The use of zoning temperature control, effective separation of poor quality oil during the making process. And it can ensure the safety of the operator.

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