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Peanut Brittle is One The Greatest Snack I Met Ever!

Cooking is about science, but couple of recipes combine chemistry, tastiness, simplicity, and holiday cheer like peanut brittle! Within this special holiday blog publish, I will expose my secret to amazingly awesome peanut brittle, filled with fun animated illustrations!

Peanut brittle nice snack i met ever
2 lbs of peanuts-Raw/unroasted perform best but any is going to do. I highly recommend unsalted. With no shells!
2 glasses of light corn syrup-Karo may be the brand name here, though off-brand works fine too. Corn syrup isn't evil it keeps the sugar playing nicely while heating!
3 glasses of white-colored granulated sugar
2 glasses of water-This really is accustomed to dissolve the sugar and vanishes while cooking
1 stick (8 tbsps) of butter-I personally use regular salted butter, though I imagine margarine or unsalted butter works too.
3 tsp of sodium bicarbonate-I suggest purchasing a brand new box to make certain it truely does work well! This is actually the Secret Component that Alton Brown totally skipped!
2 tsp of vanilla-I personally use "pure vanilla flavoring" however i guess imitation works too.
2 tsp water-Again, this suspends the sodium bicarbonate and vanishes instantly whenever you add it.
Components for every batch:
Step One-Sugar
1 cup water
1 cup corn syrup
1.5 cups sugar
Step Two-Peanuts
1 lb peanuts
3 tablespoons of butter
Step Three-Foamy goodness
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 teaspoon water
1.5 teaspoon sodium bicarbonate
Add single serving water, single serving of corn syrup, and 1 1 / 2 glasses of sugar for your soup pot and hang it in your stove. Turn the burner to high and stir it from time to time. Set the chocolate thermometer within the pan to watch the high temperature. After you are breaking lower the sugar deposits into hot liquid chocolate!
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