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Automatic Candy Chocolate Coating Machine

       Chocolate Nuts coating machine, Chocolate peanut coater, Peanut coating machine, nuts candy coating machine

       This machine is
 widely used in various types of candy coating, and even the nuts candy coating work. SO this machine is  a very special machine to coat the flour, chocolate or sugar on the materials you need. The final products are very round and smooth. This machine is very suitable for you to process almond, cashews, soybeans and so on. 
And also this machine with export processing standard, so the customers can
rest assured when they use of this coating machine.  

       This machine's moulds is GGY600, and its' capacity is 15kg per hour, when it is woring, its power can reach the 0.75 kw, and also its power of electric heating is 1kw. It is a small footprint machine, so customer just need a small work space to place this machine, and only need one or two people to operate this machine. Since the multi-functional characteristics of this machine is loved by many businesses, and why this machine is so widely used in the world.

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