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Huge Prospect of Nuts Market

Nuts is the essence of the plant, generally contain rich nutrition, including protein, fat, minerals, higher vitamins, has excellent efficacy to the human body growth and development, enhance of physical fitness and disease prevention. Every Spring Festival or other important festivals are the golden periods of the nuts sales. The nuts market has kept steady growth in our country, and in the future there will be six to eight times growth space in the whole nuts industry. And this is really a good news for the nuts processing machine manufactures.
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The improvement of consumers’ consciousness of health is an important cause of promoting the nuts market developing rapidly. In addition, the rapid development of e-commerce, also plays a big role while it change the consumers’ shopping habits. Electricity market channel of nuts sales accounted for 7% last year, the market size is 4 billion yuan, and it is expected to reach 8 billion yuan to 10 billion yuan this year.
The future prospects of the development of nuts food market in China is huge, assuming that each person eat nuts food 28 grams every day, the future whole nuts industry will have 6 to 8 times of growing space.
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