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Dry Peanut Peeling Machine was Ready to Pakistan

After 2 weeks negotiation, Our customers finally sign contract with us. Our sales man Sunny invite he to visit our company and our factory, he arrived at our company on April 14, our engineer Tom show him how dry peanut peeling machine works and the materials he bring are well being processed, peeling rate over 95%, he then back to Pakistan and sign contract with us.
Machine Parameter:
This machine is a specialized equipment to dry peel the red coat of peanut. It is widely used in the previous peeling process of fried peanut, spiced peanut, peanut protein milk powder ,eight-treasure congee, pickled peanut and canned peanut etc. It has a high peeling rate and the peeled peanut will be kept whole, white surface and protein well.
The red coat can separate with the peanut automatically when peeling, and it is really efficient and easy to operate.And this machine is specially designed for peeling the inner red skin of peanuts, it takes dry process.

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