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Customer from Indonesia Buy Almond Butter Production Line

Customer from Russia

Almond butter production line is our company's new product, it was designed by the new tech and combined the demand of customer. This customer find us in google search engine. our sales man Lucy took him from Xinzheng air port in Zhengzhou. After lunch, Lucy and our engineer Tom took him to our factory to test the almond butter production line. Our customer bring some local almond to test the machine and the machine works very well, all the almond turns to almond butter after the process of roast, peeling, grinding, and mixing.
When we back to the company, we introduce the machine parameters to our customer. Finally we signed the contract.
Machine Parameter:
Almond Sheller/Shelling Machine
Almond Shell And Kernel Separating Machine
Almond Peeling Machine
Almond Roasting Machine
Almond Butter Machine/Almond Butter Grinding Machine

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