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Grinding machine can grind what products?


Our Peanut Butter
 is a new stainless steel wet grinding equipment, for use Peanut,colloid ,sesame seeds,Walnut ,rice, soybeans, corn, potatoes and other food-like substance wet milling process, it is also used in some industrial material medicine, sugar, food, etc. wet milling. When pretreated material after cleaning, soak into the ground after the into the hopper, under the action of centrifugal force to enter the relative movement between the lower sand tray, due to the mutual impact of materials, extrusion and shearing sand tray, the combined effect of rubbing tear, so that the sand material along the plane of the disc from the inside out, from coarse to achieve the purpose of finely grated.


Grinding sauce machine is my company for peanuts, sesame seeds, walnuts and other crops, also suitable for grinding fruits and vegetables. Grinding fruit into juice and grind chili into chili oil.


the material processing fineness further increase, increased yields, can adjust the thickness of the grinding head design, more able to adapt to the customer's requirements, water circulation pipe diameter increased, increasing the water flow, greatly reducing the temperature of the material, so that the product tastes closer to nature.

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