Equipment of Roasting Pine Nuts

      Pine nuts is the seeds of pine, it containing fat, protein, carbohydrates and so on, has sold to all of the world. Usualy, the pine nust should be roasted before selling. Due to the pine nuts are very precious, they must be handled with professional machine. The professional roasting machine can reduce the error during process.  In the pine nuts processing factory, businessmen usually need the pine nuts roasting equipment.  There are three types roasting machine can be choosed. And one special is more suitable for the pine nuts roasting in the large pine nuts process factory. 
     This pine nuts roasting machine is consist s of feeding device, speed motor, drive mechanism, circulating fan, electric cabinet and other components.  During whole roasting process, the temperature can be controlled automaticlly. More automaticlly than other machine.  The pine nuts can be roasted evenly, the internal temperature difference is small, and the final roasted pine nuts with good color.  The speed of the roasting process can be changed according your need.  Due to this machine designed with the belt type, so it can working continuously, and coomonly used for the large capacity processing. 
     We can also offer you the pine nuts packing machine, and the peanut butter machine. If you are interested in this machine, please contact freely.  

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