Installation of Tahini Grinding Machine

       This small types tahini ginding machine is mainly used for making tahini butter in the tahini processing factory.  Due to this machine is multifunctional, so it also be used to make the soybean milk, rice milk, and other chemical raw materials. It designed with small volume, easy to move, low noise, high quality, keep low temperature is jot sale in different countries. There are different output can be choosed, such as the 100 kg to 200 kg per hour, 200 kg to 300 kg per hour, 300 kg to 500 kg per hour, 500 kg to 800 kg per hour. 

       Process of the Installation of Tahini Grinding Machine

1. Placed on a flat surface.  Flat ground is more beneficial to the tahini grinding working. 
2. Installation the ground wire. The ground wire can protect of people's safety during people operate this machie. 
3. All the parts of the machine should be installation follow the machine Instructions. If still not sure how to installation, you can find the installation video on the youtobe. 
4. Choosing the right wire. Installing  transmission line not less than the calibration of current 6 - 10 times, that can reduce the possibility from demage.  

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