Special Equipment for Cutting Peanuts Strips

      Peanuts strips and other nuts strips is very useful in many kinds of fields, such as the peanuts candy making processing, small cake, desserts, cookie, biscuits, caramel treats and so on.  This cutting machine is special designed with cutting sysytem, it can cut the nuts into different size strips. Due to this machine is a multi - purpose machine has been used in many nuts processing fields. 

     This peanut strips cutting machine is more professional to process the peanuts, almonds, hazelnut, walnut and other nuts.  The blade will cut the nuts into strips,  with high capacity and high speed. One big advantage is that this type machine can be controlled more easy.  Whole machine is designed with the germany advanced technology, don't worry about the quality of this machine. If you want the stainless steel materials, we can also designed it for you. Strips cutting machine is only one type of our machine, there are still other nuts processing machine. Such as the peanuts chopping machine,  peanuts peeling machine, peanuts shelling machine and so on. 


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