Tomato Paste Filling Packaging Machinery on Sale

This paste filling packing machine is mainly used in the different paste processing manufacturer.  The liquid materials, paste materials, butter materials,  vinegar,  soybean oil, garlic paste, ginger sauce, shampoo and chemicals and so on.  This machine has wildly used in many places. Extract and hit by cylinder, a piston material with one-way valve to control material flow, with magnetic cylinder stroke line switch control, can adjust the volume of irrigation.

This model paste filling machine can change the bottle size and the capacity according your requirement. On the one hand, the machine combine the filling and the packing in one time. Due to this machine has the automatic metering system, packing effect is very well.  One the other hand, you can change the capacity though adjust button. It can also set with other machine in the line. There are also other packing type machine you can choose. Such as the
peanut butter bags packing machine, almonds butter filling machine, and so on. 

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