Temperature Control Mixer Machine
Non-stick Mixer Machine for Peanut Brittle
Mixer Machine for Peanut Brittle
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Automatic Stainless Steel Sugar Mixer Machine


Certification: CE


Warranty Time: 12 Months

Loading Port: Shanghai/Qingdao

Country Of Origin: China


Introduction of Automatic Sugar Mixer Mahcine
The machine adopts infrared heating plate, heat evenly, cylinder surface fluorine dragon non-stick coating, mixing effect is better. Equipped with automatic temperature control system of temperature control more convenient.
Automatic Sugar Mixer Machine
Application for Peanut Brittle Mixing Machine
Mainly used for egg shao crisp, meters flower sugar, frozen MiTang snack food such as agitation. For mixer can be mixer different raw material mixing with water , seasoning , and others. Suitabel for food factory, seafood factory and meat processing field . Also suitable for resturant.
Machine is made by fist class stainless steel , durable , easy cleaning and machine working very durable. It can mixing material equal and easy operate with automatic discharge system.
Mixer Machine for Peanut Brittle
Advantage of Temperature Control Mixer Machine
Designed for rice, Mr Tong, fried rice sugar, peanuts, sugar, seeds cakes, eggs, potato cakes and other high temperature and well-made, part of the materials imported materials can afford 300 degree heating.
The machine uses far infrared heating plate, heat evenly coated cylinder fluorine Trond nonstick coating, stir better. Equipped with automatic temperature control system, temperature control more convenient.
GG mixer is the most significant features of the hopper with a constant temperature, And made anti-sticking treatment, suitable for mixing Candy  rice,rice  grain  pattern, melon seeds, sugar, peanuts, sugar, can be equipped to use.Agitation, the required seeds is just fried, finished oil is not thrown the state of cooling, all links should be to minimize heat loss. Our company produced with thermal insulation and anti-sticking treatment mixer.

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Technical Data:

Model Capacity
GG-400W 3-8 4.1 800*1400*820 120
GG-650W 12-20 4.1 800*1650*1600 160

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