Swing Type Corn Roasting Machine
Corn Kernel Roasting Machine
Corn Kernel Roaster Machine
Swing Type Corn Roasting Machine Manufacturer

Corn Kernel Roasting Machine|Swing Type Corn Roasting Machine


Certification: CE


Warranty Time: 12 Months

Loading Port: Shanghai/Qingdao

Country Of Origin: China


Decription of Swing Type Corn Roasting Machine:
Swing type corn roasting machine, can be used for red peanuts, Japanese beans, mouthfuls, pistachios and other granular food baking. Plane rotary mixing style,using stainless steel. Nut can get uniform heat,high capacity,low broken rate,pollution-free.
Swing Type Corn Roasting Machine
Features of Corn|Peanut Roaster Machine:                                                      
1. Using electric or gas, high roasting efficiency, no pollution. 
2. Heat pipes bring heat to rotary drum. Rotary drum keeps rolling, bring balance heating performance.
3. Different areas are insulated for minimum heat loss and lowest running cost.
4. The working temperature can be well controlled because this machine has a automatic temperature controller.
Swing Type Nut Roaster Machine
The raw corn into the baking pan, baking pan at the same time heating the bottom of the horizontal circular motion, so that corn particles through the baking pan rolling evenly heated. In addition, this machine has high productivity, low damage rate and uniform color. Baked goods are not in contact with the fireworks, no pollution. We also have drum type nut roasting machine.

Working Video of Swing Type Corn Roaster Machine:

Technical Data:

Model GGW-2
Heating Power 36KW,380V
Transmitting Power 1.1KW
Material SUS 201 Cover+SUS 201 Touch Part
Pan Size 1200*1200mm
Capacity 80-100kg/h
Dimension 2400x2000x1350mm

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