Pistachio Nut Shell Cracking Machine
Pistachio Cracking Machine
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Best Price Pistachio Nut Opening Machine

Pistachio Cracking Machine|Pistachio Nut Opener


Certification: CE


Warranty Time: 12 Months

Loading Port: Shanghai/Qingdao

Country Of Origin: China


Filing procedure:filling material-closed lid-pressing the lid-open motor-working 
Application of Pistachio Shell Cracking Machine:
This pistachio nut opening machine applies to the opening of the pine nuts, walnuts, ginkgonuts, hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, chestnuts and other nuts, this machine has greatlyimproved the original production, does not require charges labor, automatic mechanical physical opening, the opening rate of 90% -95%, the right-hand man of nut production and processing. We also have pistachio kernel roasting machine.
Pistachio Nut Shell Cracking Machine
Characteristic of Pistachio Opener Machine:
1. large output: four to five times of traditional opening machine;
2. save energy: opening the same amount of raw material can save 1/3 energy;
3. safe and reliable: a safety valve is installed;
4. simple operation, small labor intensity;
5. wide application scope: suitable for pistachio,hazelnut, chestnut, pine nut and other nuts food.
Pistachio Nut
Operation Notes about Pistachio Nut Opener:
1. When machine operation, air pressure reach 5Mpa, put out fire, continue rotating equipment, air pressure will continue to rise, when air pressure rise to 8Mpa, can take the rice out.
2. Usually our machine can reach 8Mpa in 10 minutes, if you can not see pressure gauge rise, prove that there is something wrong with the pressure gauge, do not keep heating.
3. The longest heating time is 10 minutes, otherwise will influence taste of pistachio.

Test Video:

Technical Data:

Model GG-120
Capacity 80-120kg/h
Voltage 380V/220v
Motor 0.75kw
Heating Time 7-8min
Heating Source Natural Gas, Liquid gas
Weight 500kg
Size 175*90*135cm

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