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Automatic Peanut Shell Removing Machine|Peanut Sheller


Certification: CE


Warranty Time: 12 Months

Loading Port: Shanghai/Qingdao

Country Of Origin: China


Introduction of Automatic Peanut Shelling Machine:
GG type peanut shell removing machine is an environmentally friendly peanut dehumidification system to remove stones, bumps, iron and other heavy debris and debris and dust, transported by the wind transport device to peel the system to peel Shell, Renhe shell separation of mechanical equipment. The unique design of the machine, with three roll peel; two groups of different shape stripping stripping rods; grading sorting screen; equipped with the deflation of the shutter can discharge the advantages of such advantages. Widely used in different sizes and different wet and dry peanuts, peel efficiency, kernels with less miscellaneous, broken rate is low, suitable for indoor installation and factory operations.
Automatic Peanut Shelling Machine
Working Principle of Best Price Peanut Shell Removing Machine:
The machine by the de-mixing system and peel the system components. To the miscellaneous system by the motor, feed hopper, sorting sieve, crankshaft, suction fan, wind device. Mixed peanuts into the sorting hopper into the sieve, the role of the crankshaft and the suction fan, will contain debris and debris mixed peanut dust outside the machine. Heavy debris through the sorting sieve sorting, the screen surface up to the discharge port out of the machine. After the hybrid peanuts go down the screen surface through the discharge port into the wind transport device, delivered to the peeled system hopper.
Sheller system consists of motor, feed hopper, shelling mechanism, grading sieve, crankshaft, suction fan, A transporter and B transporter components. The peanut fruit in the feeding hopper flows into the corresponding pealing mechanism, and the peanut fruit is peeled through the repeated rubbing force of the grain rod and the cage grid. Peeled mixture into the classification sieve, the role of the crankshaft and the suction fan, the peanut shell through the suction fan out of the machine; peanuts in the classification screen sieve surface up to the row of Ren mouth out into the sack. Peeled peanut fruit along the grading sorting screen down, through the grading area, the large and small peanut fruit will be automatically separated; after the separation of large and small peanut fruit flow into the corresponding A transporter equipment and B Material device, delivered to their respective appropriate peel institutions for second shell cleaning, to achieve full shell the effect.

Technical Data:

Model GG-3500 GG-4500 GG-6000
Capacity 3500KG/H 4500KG/H 6000KG/H
Nut Shelling Rate More than 98% More than 98% More than 98%
Breaking Rate Less than 3.8% Less than 3.8% Less than 2.8%
Loss Rate Less than 0.5% Less than 0.5% Less than 0.5%
Damage Rate Less than 3% Less than 3% Less than 3%
Impurity Rate Less than 2% Less than 1% Less than 0.4%
Power Cleaner: 4KW, Grade 2;3KW, Grade 4
 Sheller: 7.5KW, Grade 6;7.5KW, Grade 4
Cleaner:5.5KW, Grade 2; 4KW, Grade 4
Sheller: 7.5KW, Grade 6; 3KW, Grade 4, 7.5KW, Grade 2.
Cleaner: 5.5KW, Grade 2; 5.5KW, Grade 4
Sheller: 15KW, Grade 6; 5.5KW, Grade 4, 15KW, Grade 2.
Dimension 3010*1360*2820mm 3010*4350*2940 3750*4500*3530mm
Weight 1100kg 1640kg 2760kg

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