Moringa Seeds Dehulling Machine
Moringa Seeds Dehuller Equipment
Moringa Seeds Shelling Machine Price
Good Quality Moringa Seeds Hulling Line

Good Quality Moringa Seeds Dehulling Dehuller Machine


Certification: CE


Warranty Time: 12 Months

Loading Port: Shanghai/Qingdao

Country Of Origin: China


Decription of Moringa Seeds Dehulling Machine:
Moringa seeds dehulling line is our factory based on years of research and development of domestic leading Moringa seed shelling technology. Whether it is raw moringa seed or steamed spicy wood seeds, our equipment can be processed, processing output per hour can be customized according to customer requirements.
Moringa Seeds Dehulling Line
Main Equipment of Moringa Seed Dehuller Line:
1. Moringa seed raw grain cleaning and grading. 
2. Moringa seed sheller, clean up. 
3. Moringa seed shell cleaning, graded packaging.
Moringa Seeds Dehulling Machine
Moringa Seed Dehulling Line Advantages:
1. Reasonable Cyclone dust removal structure, and install with strict rotary ash discharging valve, reduce air leakage quantity, improve the dust removal efficiency, make work environment cleaner and environmental protection.
2. Selected clear sieve rubber ball, with high elasticity, cold, anti-aging and other characteristics, in the winter can still effectively clear the screen, improve the permeability of the screen
3. The electric control has installed the overcurrent, overload, short-circuit protection function, the control cabinet comes with the socket to conveniently solve the mobile use sewing machine and the night illumination use request.
4. Wide application, can be used for seed processing and agricultural products processing industry, grain seeds, tree seeds, grass seeds, oilseeds, grains and commodity grain, etc., have a good cleaning effect, agricultural and sideline products export processing (buckwheat, pine nut, hazelnut) can be used.
5. This series of machine technology mature, advanced performance, high production efficiency, easy to operate, simple and convenient screen replacement, mobile flexible, easy to transport, high reliability, significant economic benefits.

The moringa seeds dehulling line also used for shelling buckwheat,hemp seeds,pine nuts and other nuts.

Technical Data:

Processing technician Machine Quantity Capacity
Dehuller Unit
Input Hopper 2 400KG/H
Elevator 2
Dehuller 2
Sorting sieve section 4
control cabinet 1
Input Hopper 1  
Elevator 1
Multifunctional impurity remover 1
bucket elevator 1
classification unit 3
control cabinet 1

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