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Warranty Time: 12 Months

Loading Port: Shanghai/Qingdao

Country Of Origin: China


Buckwheat Shelling Machine For SaleMainly Equipment of Buckwheat Shelling Machine:
1. Buckwheat raw grain cleaning and grading. 
2. Buckwheat sheller, clean up. 
3. Buckwheat shell cleaning, graded packaging.
First, buckwheat raw materials clean up. This section of raw buckwheat to clean up, remove raw materials in the debris (including raw grain can not be processed), appropriate water and storage, raw buckwheat is divided into six levels.
Second, buckwheat shelling and cleaning. This section of raw grain grading, were shelling processing, and processing of buckwheat granules to meet the requirements.
Third, the processing of buckwheat shell cleaning, removal of various impurities, including unsalted buckwheat, buckwheat, etc., through the grading according to customer requirements to complete the single-chip and complete buckwheat shell to separate, in order to improve buckwheat shell economy value.
Buckwheat Sheller Machine
Advantages of Buckwheat Shelling Machine:
1. Reasonable cyclone dust removal structure, and with the installation of rotary valve with a tight, to reduce the amount of air leakage and improve the dust removal efficiency, make the work environment cleaner and environmentally friendly.
2. Selection of clean rubber ball, with high elasticity, cold resistance, anti-aging characteristics, in the winter can still be effective screening, to improve the permeability of the sieve
3. Electrical control installed over-current, overload, short circuit protection, control cabinet comes with a socket to easily solve the mobile use of sewing machine and night lighting and other requirements.
4. Wide range of applications, can be used for seed processing and agricultural and sideline products processing industries, have good clearance effect on cereal seeds, tree seeds, forage seeds, oil seeds, miscellaneous grains and commercial grains, etc. Export processing of agricultural and sideline products (buckwheat, Pine nuts, hazelnuts) can be used.
5. The series of machine technology is mature, advanced performance, high production efficiency, easy operation, simple and convenient sieve replacement, mobile and flexible, easy to transport, high reliability, significant economic benefits.

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Our Factory Buckwheat Shelling Machine:

Technical Data:

Processing technician Machine Quantity Capacity
   Dehuller Unit
Input Hopper 2 400KG/H
Elevator 2
Dehuller 2
Sorting sieve section 4
control cabinet 1
Input Hopper 1  
Elevator 1
Multifunctional impurity remover 1
bucket elevator 1
classification unit 3
control cabinet 1

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