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Certification: CE


Warranty Time: 12 Months

Loading Port: Shanghai/Qingdao

Country Of Origin: China


Introduction of Mung Bean Peeling Machine:
The mung bean skin peeling machine is suitable for peeling kinds of round shape bean soybean, mung bean, green bean, chickpea,etc; it is multifunctional including peeling and separating, sorting together, the shell and skin can be separated and sorted after peeling, so we can get clean and pure bean kernel after processing by this machine unit, it is high peeling rate, large capacity, automatic processing from feeding, peeling to final bean kernel product .
Mung Bean Skin Peeling Machine
Advantages of Mung Bean Skin Peeler Machine:
1. Can be used in tandem with the complete production line according to the technical requirements.
2. Different yields to adapt to different yields of peeled beans.
3. External suction dust removal system to ensure the best sanitation. It is easy to maintain and operate.
4. This peeling machine has the advantages of energy saving, strong production capacity, high recycling rate and long service life, reaching the national energy-saving and pollution-free standard.
Mung Bean Peeling Machine For Sale
Working Principle of Mung Bean Skin Peeling Machine:
There is one set sand dies installed internal machine, one is fixed, another is moving, the beans pass through the high speed moving die, the hard shell will be taken away under the strong friction, then the complex material enters into the vibrating sieves for separating, the air fan will suck the shells and then the clear peeled seed(in half) flow out from another side of peeler. If you want to bake beans,we also have beans roasting machine

Test Video About Green Bean Skin Peeling Machine:

Technical Data:

Model GGDP-1 GGDP-2
Motor 1.5+0.39 4+0.75+0.39
Disc diameter(mm) 500 500
Peeling Rate >95% >95%
Capacity(kg/h) 400-600 1000-1500
Net weight(kg) 300 400
Dimension(mm) 600*1400*2000 600*1400*2000
Moisture <12-14% <12-14%

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