automatic vacuum packing machine
stretch film vacuum packing machine
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vacuum packing machine

Automatic Stretch Film Vacuum Packing Machine


Certification: CE


Warranty Time: 12 Months

Loading Port: Shanghai/Qingdao

Country Of Origin: China


This machine adopts PLC programmable controller and operates accurately and steadlly , provided for the shaping mould to pack, heating , shaping and then being packed. This machine can be applied to pack the solid, liquid or something soft and crisp,also suitable for fruit vegetable, food pack , Medical product, electrical products, cheese packing, dates packing , meat packing, chemical material packing, metal or other material components etc
Our factory  not only  manufactures this style machine  , aslo other types, external packing, automatic packing , semi-automatic, 
vertical packing and so on.
It is clean,high speed power saving and labor saving, suitable for packing frozen meat, meat like sausage ,bean product, sea product , fruit and even hard wares ,it will be widely used in the future. Imported chain , easy to form for varlous films flexible film , rigid film,etc. Imported system of recycle the leftover material,enviromental, board style structure, easy to be replaced and operated.
stretch film vacuum packing machine

(1)Stainless steel Contruction gives the machine additional logevity. 
(2)Advanced loading system aids tight and soomth film rolling for reliable thermoformating . 
(3)Large touch screen PLC operating system provide maximum machine control . 
(4)Maximum safety protection. All functional sections enclosed . 
(5)Machine size, loading&printing area can be customized for special requirements 
(6)Patented punch cutting for smoother round cutting edges . 
(7)General package size minimum (20*50mm), maximum(600*300mm), sizes can be modified for various products and volume . 
(8)Advanced thermoforming technology gives depths to 150mm subject to package dimensions . 


Technical Data:

Model GGDLZ-320(420-520)
Width of upper film  393mm
Width of loer film 422mm
Vacuum  Less than 200Pa 
Compressed air More than0.6MPS
Cooling water More than 0.5MPa
Voltage  380v/50Hz
Power 12kw
Dimension 5300*950*1880mm
Weight 1800kg 

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