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Multi-purpose Almond Powder Machine|Nuts Powder Milling Machine


Certification: CE


Warranty Time: 12 Months

Loading Port: Shanghai/Qingdao

Country Of Origin: China


Multi-purpose almond powder machine is the special equipment for processing nut powder and nut particle,the whole device are made up of 2 levels of hobbing cutter and and one grinding roller, the machine is mainly used for grinding peanuts,almonds,soybean,sesame rapeseed,coffee beans,cocoa beans and other oil materials.
Almond Powder Grinding Machine
1, This almond|nut powder machine has the advantages of simple operation, easy to use, high yield, can be a into powder, non greasy, there are a variety of specifications for customers to choose.
2, Device made up of 2 levels of hob and grade 1 roller, if single use hob, separate roller processing is particles. And possess the characteristics of big production.
3, All kinds of oil material enter the roller area, through multiple squeeze between the passive roller and activity roller to achieve the ideal crushing.
Almond Powder Grinder Machine
This nut powder making machine was mainly used for grinding fatty food,such as almonds,peanuts,walnuts,soybean,and some spices etc. Because these nuts contains high-oil,if using general crushing machine,can not easy to crush them into fine powder,it will be sticky on the screen of the machine. So our company developed this new model machine to process these high-oil nuts into fine powder. Solved many obstacle from previous/traditional ways. So it is popular with many food factory customer.

If you want to remove the almond skin,we also have wet almond skin peeling machine.

Technical Data:

Model GG-600
Power 3kw
Voltage 380v,50kz
Capacity 200-600kg/h
Dimension 1260*1000*1350mm

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