Dry Type Almond Peeling Machine

         For nuts farmers or nuts exporters, peeling buts is a difficult thing for them. As we all know, some nuts are difficult to remove the shell, if your machine is not good, the nuts will be damaged by your machine. The resualt is your nuts can not get good prices when the process saling.

      In a nut harvest season, you should they were drying and peeling them 
in a very short time. Otherwise nuts in the shell will become black which may influence your nuts prices. So when you have a large nut farm, buying a high-efficiency equipment is very important for you. This dry type almond peeling machine  will meet your needs.  
This is a specialized equipment to dry peel the red coat of peanut. The red coat can separate with the peanut automatically when peeling, and it is really efficient and easy to operate.And this machine is specially designed for peeling the inner red skin of peanuts, it takes dry process.The dry peanuts are being peeled by means of rolling and rubbing. Save your money and time from here in this machine.

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