Cashew Peeling Machine Operation and Characteristics

        Cashew peeling machine are very popular in Vietnam, Nigeria, India, Brazil. Because these places are the original Place. Many cashew in this world are imported from here. So cropping Cashew become a major local economic source to export. In the harvest season, a lots of cashew picked from the three. But processing so many cashew become a big problem if you don't have cashew peeling machine. That's why the cashew peeling m,machine become so popular in these countries.

        What the characterics and operation steps does the machine have? The cashew peeling machine has its working principle:It applies advanced Air-Compressor technique to peel off skin naturally, which guarantees the quality of cashew.the cashew peeler machine is Useful, energy saving compact, high production efficiency, easy maintenance and clean.the cashew peeler machine by Automatic control and in feed device, easy to operate.the cashew peeler machine Can peel different size of cashew, product meets the health standard.the  cashew peeling machine Suitable for complete processing line or working singly.
         By this machine, the cashew nuts can be peeled automatically without any injury and the kernels can be kept smooth and whole. The products confirms to national environmental sanitation standard, and is in conformity with any export conditions.It is equipped with automatic feeding device, so nuts kernel can be separated from the  skin automatically, and the product conforms to the hygiene standards.This machine adopts the  most international advanced pneumatic components. Nuts of various sizes can be  peeled by this equipment with the same and perfect peeling result.The Cashew Peeling Machine works with pneumatic principle,specially Designed to be used for peeling cashew nuts,and so on,separating the kernels from the inner soft skin of the kernels efficiently. It can adopt pneumatic principle effectively to peel the cashew nuts. So with cashew peeling machine, you can reduce many time and cost in your factory.

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