Why Eat Bacon, Butter, and the Skin on Your Chicken is Important

Have you paid attention to how fat is a big deal these days?
All over the place you hear people talk about being fat, eating fat, losing fat, hating fat.
Everyone seems to have an opinion and rarely is it a pretty one.
Not too many decades ago the medical system led us to believe that all fats are created equal; equally loathsome, equally sickening, and equally fattening. That (false) teaching lead to a huge spike in the “fat-free” propaganda that we still see and an even larger spike in our waistlines for endorsing it. 
This line of thinking people had when I was a kid personally sucked. I hated being told not to eat the skin on my chicken, go easy on the bacon, and not be so heavy-handed with the butter.
Now in the 21st century not too much has changed.
Some fats are now deemed “okay” to consume like olive oil and canola oil*, but one thing remains the same: “Any eating of saturated and trans fats should be be drastically limited.”
Why?“Because eating these fats will lead to high cholesterol and heart disease.”
At least now this line of thinking is only half wrong and no longer 100% wrong.
Yes, it is terrible to eat the man-made trans fat that you get wrapped, bagged, and sent to you through a window at fast food joints.
But eating the saturated fat that comes from animal meat and milk IS NOT BAD FOR YOU.
Because humans need saturated fat in a multitude of ways.
Let me fill you in on the details the “fat-free” propaganda-pushing people failed to mention.

1: Saturated fat helps you bring down high bad cholesterol.
I'm sure you understand by now that there are 2 types of cholesterol you need to know:
High density lipoprotein commonly referred to as HDL or good cholesterol 
andLow density lipoprotein commonly referred to as LDL or bad cholesterol.
Lipoprotein density is the most closely correlated marker of heart disease.
Eating a diet consisting of healthy saturated fats naturally increases the HDL cholesterol in the body over time, while leaving the LDL pretty much uneffected. (This may not be true if your weight isn't at a consistent state, i.e. you are losing weight due to better eating habits and exercise.)
I think that beats filling a prescription for statins any day of the week. Don't you agree?
And ladies, research has shown that women who have the highest percentage of their overall fat coming from saturated fats lost the most weight.

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