Wheat|Oat Peeling Machine Manufacturer

The wheat peeling machine can also called oat peeling machine, sorghum peeling machine, grains peeling machine, grinding rice mill, millet processing machines, millet rice mill, wheat peeling machine, wheat kernel machine, mung bean peeling machine, rice peeling machine, soybean peeling machine, grain bean peeling machine.peeling machine working chamber is equipped with iron mesh, mesh installed grinding wheel, grinding wheel in between the screen and the formation of a grain peeling gap, work screens and wheel reverse rotation, the food grain seed coat removal, peeling combined in winnowing to separate Renhe seed coat, thereby greatly reducing the fragmentation rate, the more effectively improve the quality and yield of peeling. Rice mill machine equipped with iron mesh in the working house,grinding wheel installed in the screen. 
Wheat Skin Peeling Machine
We are professional manufacturer and supplier about wheat peeling machine,if you are interested in our wheat peeling machine,welcome to contact me with freely,we will send the quotation and detail about machine to you.

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